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Platformation™ - The Better Way To Do Digital Transformation

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Industry-leading Platform and Deep Implementation Expertise for Services Companies

Transforming Field Services

Complimentary Field Service Operations Research from Microsoft and Sopris Thought Leaders

Sonata Sopris is the most trusted name in Dynamics 365 for services firms >>

Digital Transformation for the Modern Services Company

Services companies around the globe, from professional services to field services, are transforming to a modern cloud platform capable of improving the client experience, streamlining operations and creating competitive edge.

No Replacement for Experience

Sonata Sopris works exclusively with services companies so we’ve developed a level of expertise and customer satisfaction that we’re quite proud of. And, with the backing of our parent company, Sonata Software, we’re able to deliver comprehensive cloud, consulting and managed services around the globe.

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Microsoft Dynamics for field services and project-centric companies

Sonata Sopris Difference


Platform Led Digital Transformation

Engage with Connected Ecosystem, Drive Intelligent Transactions, Innovate with Open Systems, Scale across Markets & Segments – with Platform based Digital Transformation

Platformation is our unique approach to help incumbent businesses achieve their digital transformation mandates. We leverage the power of platforms to help clients create & implement platform based business models.

By combining engineering excellence with industry experience, niche horizontal expertise, platform assets& IPs – Sonata helps build open, connected, intelligent and scalable platforms that form the core of modern digital businesses today.

Transforming Field Services

Includes in-depth interviews with two well-recognized thought leaders from Microsoft and Sonata Sopris who specialize in transforming field service operations, from back office ERP to connected field service.  14-Pages

The Modern Utility

Learn about the changing economics of renewables, new entrants to the market, evolving consumer expectations and the impact IoT, AI and cloud computing are making in this sector.  12 Pages

RPA for the Modern Utility

RPA for the Modern Utility

Modern utilities rely on technology to automate business operations as well as the grid. RPA (robotic process automation) is key to transforming at scale.

PowerApps for Asset-Intensive Companies

PowerApps for Asset-Intensive Companies

Asset-Intensive companies rely heavily on physical assets to deliver products and services, but more importantly, their strategy spans multiple models – i.e., a capital equipment manufacturer that also supports a contract services team and third-party service contractors + light distribution or online retail.

Enabling Hyper-Automation in Digital Business

Enabling Hyper-Automation in Digital Business

As virtual reality shifts into the consumer market targeting the gamer world, Augmented Reality (AR) steps into the spotlight as a business tool for oil and gas services and other energy sector leaders.